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How to Make Up After a Fight

  • Penner Home 26769 64 Avenue Langley, BC, V4W 1R1 Canada (map)
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This masterclass is for any two people who are in a relationship (married, parent/child, siblings, friendship, business partnership)

A sign of a strong relationship is not that you never fight or argue. Disagreements and arguments are inevitable when we’re emotionally invested in someone. Contrary to popular wisdom, however, fights do not have to tear us apart, but can actually serve as pathways to greater intimacy. Which is why repair is so important. 

The goal of a repair is to talk about what happened without jumping back into the fight. Focus on finding ways to understand why the incident was so unproductive as well as how to make interaction better in the future. 

As psychologist and relationship expert John Gottman says, "In every good relationship, couples have repairing skills, and they repair early," In fact John believes the ability to repair is the number one trait most successful relationships share, which means you've got to hop on the repair bandwagon after a fight if you want to thrive in your relationship.

This masterclass is for any two people who are in a relationship (married, parent/child, siblings, friendship, business partnership) and would like to grow their skills in repairing after a fight or regrettable incident. Because this class is an interactive experience, we require that both individuals attend.

This masterclass is a ½ day session.

2 - 6pm Saturday June 16

26769 64 Avenue, Langley, BC V4W 1R1

Jonathan and Teresa Penner – Certified Gottman Educators with over 25 years of relationship mentoring experience. 

The cost per couple (partners, friends, parent/child) is $100

TO REGISTER: | 778-552-1282

1. Aftermath of a Fight or Regrettable Incident – repair process: 
    • Demonstration of the process.
    • Explanation of process.
    • Practice the process.
2. Explaining the research on how the masters of relationship use a gentle approach to conflict, and specifically, what skills they practice.
3. Identify an issue to work on: We will help you decide on a conflict to discuss which you will refer to later in the day when you will practice skills we will give you for gentle and constructive conflict management.
4. Specific Skills for Constructive Conflict Management:
    • “Softened Startup” 
    • Repair and De-escalate Checklist
    • Practice Physiological Self-Soothing
    • Compassionately Understand Your Partner’s Point of View
    • Accept Influence & Compromise

To Register:

ATTENDING WITH ME (Partner, family member, friend, etc.) *
ATTENDING WITH ME (Partner, family member, friend, etc.)


$100 for 2 people.

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