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To all who have helped and continue to support the work of Life+App,

Thanks to you, more people in Greater Vancouver are growing in the way they love. November 2017 marks three years since Life+App came to be. As we stand back and consider all that's happened in the past three years, we’re humbled by all Love has done. But we are also deeply moved by the support of our volunteers, donors and sponsors. As a result, more marriages, families, and relationships are thriving. We cannot thank you enough for assisting us in our mission to help people grow in relationship with themselves, others, and their Creator. Our community is inspired and compelled to love people better when we see relationships grow, marriages thrive, families strengthened and people move closer to the source of love. So, thank you for helping us help those who’ve been touched by the Life+App community. 


Today we are launching our 2017 year end campaign with the goal to raise $100,000. So we were very excited this week when we had an anonymous donor offer to match dollar for dollar all donations received before the end of this year, but more on that later! 


This year your donations helped us rescue a14-year-old girl, get her into 3 months of rehab, and get her off crystal meth! A family was restored. As well, your donations relieved a man suffering with PTSD to finally get the long term counselling he so desperately needed to address his substance abuse and relational trauma all related to being horrifically physically and sexually abused when he was a very young boy. This year, you and many local businesses helped with a home renovation project for a family urgently needing to create a space to care for their aging parents. Video: Your generosity directly assisted many marriages struggling to survive, making it possible for them to get the counselling they needed. We are happy to report many of those marriages are thriving today! Last winter you also helped gather and distribute warm clean socks for over 400 homeless people in Langley, and Maple Ridge. Thank you for trusting us to make a difference in our community.


Life+App is a health and wellness community for relationships. Over the last three years we’ve attracted an eclectic and diverse community, rallied around a common cause – learning to love well. Together we are restoring and growing in our relationships toward ourselves, others, and the source of love. Through word of mouth, social media, our tenacious poster team, or simply by observing extraordinary life change in friends and family, we continue to see more and more people in our city turning toward the way of love. 

Whether it’s through Soul events, Circles, or Life+App U Masterclasses and workshops, our community is inspiring our broader community to a new way of loving one another and actively pursuing growth and change in our daily lives.


Our monthly Soul events continue to be our most effective tool at reaching and inspiring the community. Our most recent event, “It’s All About You”, focused on our need to examine our own behaviours and dysfunction in order to grow stronger and healthier in our relationships. Our audience was given the opportunity to write down on cards, the areas of growth they want to change. In an incredibly vulnerable and moving spirit, attenders were then asked if they would be willing to share their areas of life change with the entire community. It was raw, vulnerable, and authentic. The first person to raise his hand was a father of two teenage daughters. He shared “I want to learn to have more meaningful conversations with my daughters so that I can have a closer relationship with them and be a better influence in their lives”. This set the tone for the entire evening. Depression, anger, substance abuse, and insecurity were just some of the struggles our audience shared in the hope to find healing and freedom. These life change cards now serve as a needs analysis for our team as we plan our 2018 calendar for Soul.

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Another goal in 2018 is to host more Masterclasses following every Soul event and to help people apply the principles of the Soul event to everyday living. This will also help us connect as a community on a weekly basis between Soul events. 

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In January, we plan to launch 3-5 new Circles every month for the first three months to give our new friends a taste and see approach to Circles. Circles are where people can experience the power of being known, loved, served and celebrated. They are also the best setting for life-change to happen. Many in our community are preparing now to host or lead a Circle. 

More Soul events, Circles, and Masterclasses, will lead to more relationships restored and living out the way of love.  

As well as growing Circles, our Serving Teams are expanding. In the last quarter of 2017, we formed a Development Team working to find corporate sponsorship, grants, and community funding for Life+App U and Soul. We’ve also had a number of incredibly qualified professionals step up to form a Video Production Team, Web Development Team, Guest Services Team and a Financial Team. This has been very encouraging to all of us as we see more people catching the vision for a school of love.

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Our goals for 2018 include adding more Life+App U Masterclasses, increasing the number and diversity of Circles, which will lead to more people learning to love well at home, work, school, and in our community. We will also be increasing the number of counsellors, therapists, health professionals, and relational-spiritual leaders we partner with. Most importantly, we need to increase our staff, both full and part time, in order to organize and accomplish the work that needs to be done.  


The work of restoring relationships with ourselves, others, and the Source of Love is 100% funded by donors and sponsors like you. As mentioned above, this year we are excited to share that an anonymous donor has stepped forward with a matching donation of $50,000 dollars. This means every dollar donated before December 31st 2017, will be doubled (up to $50,000). That’s a 100% increase for every single dollar given!

Thank you again for your incredible support these last three years. Every relationship restored makes a huge difference. We couldn’t do what we do without YOU.  

With warm regards, and grateful hearts,

Jonathan and Teresa Penner and the Life+App Team
Executive Directors

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Life+App is a registered Canadian charity. If you wish to receive a tax-deductible receipt for your 2017 tax year, donations must be received by noon December 29, 2017 or postmarked before December 31, 2017 and addressed to:

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As a registered Canadian charity, Life+App is unable to provide a tax-deductible receipt to American donors. However, we do have an agreement with an American charity whereby a donation designated for use by Life+App can be made through Mission Catalyst and a tax-deductible receipt given. If you wish to receive a tax-deductible receipt for your 2017 tax year, donations must be received by noon December 29, 2017 or postmarked before December 31, 2017 and addressed to: Please make cheques payable to Mission Catalyst. 

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