Soul — July 7, 2017


Soul is a free monthly event host by LIFE+APP mixing something like a TED talk, a live band, an Oprah interview, and an after-party with some great food — creating an environment where anyone regardless of spiritual belief, cultural background or sexual orientation is inspired to take action toward person growth relationally.


  • Why do we so often want forgiveness, yet struggle to give it?
  • Who deserves it?
  • Who benefits from it?
  • Are some things unforgivable?

This month, we’re going to start a conversation around forgiveness and the power it has to release us from the prisons of our own making — leading us toward healing, joy and freedom.

On the night of January 25, 1987, 15 year old Jacquie and her parents were sleeping in the their Chilliwack home. Three young me, one of them her own brother Richard, entered and committed an unthinkable crime.

Join us as Jacquie shares her personal 30 year journey from brokenness to healing.